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A Woman’s Journey

Welcome to A Woman’s Journey

I am honored to announce We are 1020+ Members (and growing) Strong Now ?

A Woman’s Journey should be nothing but exciting. We deserve nothing but the BEST since we give so much to this world. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way for every woman. So I have organized this women’s group where when we meet, we actually help each other in as many ways as we can.

The idea is to pick up a topic every time, invite an expert who shares their expertise and then the rest of us can put forward our own thoughts, experiences or questions that we may have.

The topics can range from fashion to depression, stay at home mom to being no. 1 entrepreneur, working for a company or being self employed, weight loss, eating healthy, cooking healthy, saving money, credit repair, helping kids to helping spouses, going through divorce, living on a budget, earning a living from home, social media, marketing, networking, finding jobs, breast cancer and everything else important that we can come up with.

I will however keep topics like religion, politics etc out of this group.

Bottom line, life is tough but we can make it better for each other.

Now if you are looking for a group that will go out partying, drinking or clubbing then this is not for you. How ever if you want to make a difference in other people’s lives please join me. If you want to learn from the experts, if you want to share your expertise, if you want to enhance your life, your family’s life (which by the way we women are good at :)) I urge you to join this group.

As a woman You are Amazing. As a woman you are Helpful. So what are you waiting for? Join these 1000+ other Amazing Helpful Women like yourself Now ?

I am positive that with each other’s help we can make our lives better….in fact much better!!

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“ It is a very dynamic group. It has different women from all kinds of different backgrounds. Ami the organizer is very positive and a natural leader and history maker. I believe she will change the world through inspiring women. ”

Damaysi Vazquez Kish on March 18, 2012

“ I’d be interested in learning more about a woman’s journey ”  

Pam Goodwill on March 18, 2012

“ I think this group is filled with awesome women from many different walks of life, with tons of experiences. Everyone’s friendly and welcoming! ”  

Jody on March 17, 2012

“ I love meeting other women, of all ages, lifestyles, life status, and we completly enjoyed each others company. ”  

Pam McFaralnd on March 17, 2012

“ Thank you Ami, for your giving nature that give the events such a caring, friendly charm. ”  

Keri Silk on March 17, 2012

“ I love this group! Such a wonderful idea, so thankful <3 ”  

Chrystal Rachuj on March 16, 2012

“ A great networking opportunity. And a great way to make new friends. ”  

Denise Wintheiser on March 16, 2012

“ This was my first meetup and I thought it was a great group of ladies. ”  

Amy Stollenwerk on February 24, 2012

“ A wonderful business networking opportunity! Thank you, Ami! ”  

Ellen T. on February 18, 2012

“ Ami does a nice job of including everyone. It was my first meeting, with a very favorable impression. It appears that she selects speakers with topics very relevant to today’s woman. ”  

Nancy Jo Baratti on February 18, 2012

“ I would recommend this meetup to any woman who wants to meet other women who come from a variety of backgrounds, places, interests and careers. It is a place for friendships to be made and personal growth to take place ”  

Judy Hahn on February 18, 2012

“ I am so impressed with the ladies in this group and look forward to the next meeting. ”  

Jean Preuninger on February 18, 2012

“ The group of women seemed very diverse and interesting. I look forward to getting to know each other more. Ami was very organized and did a great job running the meeting. ”  

Ashley Schmidt on February 17, 2012

“ Ami you are the best! thank you so much for hosting it! we had a great time! ”  

Rachel Wong on February 17, 2012

“ I like the concept of sharing experiences and I look forward to future topics that can help generate growth and a better vision of goals. It was my first meetup so I didn’t know what to expect. I am hoping some of the other women’s experiences will help me find see how I can be figure out where I should be in life. I am in a career rut and I hope that this will give me a clearer vision of whether I should stay where I am or find a new career. ”  

Elizabeth G on January 22, 2012

“ Lovely group! I think there will be long-lasting, quality relationships that come out of this group. ”  

Patricia Whitlow on January 21, 2012

“ Just attended my first event. Was delighted to find a friend sitting in the room. Ami is a delightful hostess and a professional presenter. I am glad I was there, and am looking forward to more. Thanks, Ami! ”  

Nadine Retzlaff on January 20, 2012

“ Great woman who support one another in our journeys. ”  

Laurie Siskiewitz-Mentzer on October 22, 2011

“ I’ve attended one group session and I thought it was very positive. I found it to be a very encouraging atmosphere and I’m looking forward to attending the next meeting. It’s a great way to network and be social as well. Can’t wait to see what new topics will be coming in the future! ”  

Sandra Gray-Rohan on September 20, 2011

“ This is a great group of women and the topics are amazing! I learned sooo much from the last meeting. Looking forward to many more! ? ”  

Sheri A. Maass on May 26, 2011

“ My first one and I’ll be coming to more. Great group of women, easy to talk to and helpful. Can’t wait to see what the next topic is! ”  

Chris SanFelippo Hettwer on May 21, 2011

“ I think it is a great idea to bring women from all different walks of life together. This is a great forum to make new friends, share ideas and get some positive feedback. I am excited to see how the group continues to evolve. Being a part of this type of group is something that we all need. ”  

Jessica Karis on May 14, 2011

“ The group of women that attended were a group that I would love to network with in the future. I look forward to seeing everyone again. And some new faces as well. Thanks Ami for this great evening. ”  

Carolyn Czysz on March 14, 2011

“ Wonderful concept, it is fantastic that Ami has devoted her time to helping others. I wish I would have been able to attend previous meet ups. ”  

Barb Richards on February 14, 2011

“ Just went to my first meetup and it was wonderful. Great group of women and great speakers so far. ”  

Rita B. on February 13, 2011

“ A great group of diverse ladies. I look forward to future meetings. ”  

Gail McAllister on February 12, 2011

“ This is a safe and happy group of women looking to inspire others and share. ”  

Diane Konrath on January 17, 2011

“ Seems delightful. ”  

Jackie Mellor on January 15, 2011

“ What a great group of wonderful, inspiring, strong and beautiful women! ”  

Kathy on January 15, 2011

“ Great concept for women networking! Next time it would be nice if we could go around the circle and introduce ourselves to get more acquainted. ”  

Bathena on December 10, 2010

“ The group has incredible members who can really make a difference. ”  

Ami Ahuja on November 21, 2010

“ Great group of women with diversified experiences. Look forward to future interactions. ”  

Kimberly on November 20, 2010

“ This is a great place for women to come together and help one another. I love it! ”  

Karin Conway on November 20, 2010

“ After my first meeting I’m hooked, I look forward to future gatherings! ”  

Jody Pogorzelski on November 20, 2010

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