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TOP Seller 5 Years In a Row!

Every once in a while I love to shed extra light on perfumes I feel are exceptional in quality, fragrance and cost

LIGHT BLUE by Dolce Gabanna is one of them.

Year after year, this perfume continues to be an all around, top selling favorite among my clients at

In fact, according to Dolce Gabanna:“Light Blue was featured in an exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design in New York as one of the century’s most groundbreaking scents”.


Because Light Blue represents LOVE.

The story behind the fragrance is one of romance among the Mediterranean.  The “Light Blue” is the color of the sea that matches the lover’s eyes as they gaze upon one another with adoration.

Not only is the story exquisite but so is the fragrance.

With exotic notes of Wild Mediterranean Flowers, Granny Smith Apple, Sicilian Cedar and Citron, Bluebells and Jasime, this perfume beguiles not only the wearer but also those who are around them.

Although Light Blue is an all year scent, it is especially nice to wear after winter ends to attract the incoming of the flowers and the warmth of the sun.

 It is perfect for springtime’s new beginnings.

So, if you are looking to spread a little joy and love this spring, why not start with a fragrance like Light Blue.

Remember wherever you go, your perfume goes.  Why not share the love?

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