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The favorite perfumes of Kings and Queens

perfumes setThe perfume choice usually talks much more than any gem or jewel collection. Perfumes are not only passion. They are expression of your personal views and style. We collected the most favorite perfumes of the royalties all over the world. Their choices of perfumes spoke to us more than any picture, document or act. Simply because when you are choosing perfume, you are choosing a destiny.

Princess Grace- Once queen of Hollywood and an eternal style icon Grace Kelly used only private collections perfume created for her.  The adorable princes of Monaco was a woman with class, when comes to perfumes. Her favorite brands French-Fleurissimo, Quelque Fleurs, Chamade, Arpege and others.

Princess Letizia- the Spanish Princess Letizia didn’t belong to the Spanish aristocracy. She was a girl from a common Spanish family, but her charm and beauty were noticed by Prince Felipe. He fell in love and offered a marriage to Letizia. Nowadays she is one of the most influential women in Europe. Her choice of perfumes speaks for certain simplicity of the character. The princes is using brands as Chanel and Davidoff

Prince Felipe- This stunning man will be soon a king of Spain. He was named one of the sexiest men in Europe and still got the look that holds the breath. The heir to the Spanish crown is said to use only one perfume that differs a lot from the royal taste. Felipe simply goes for Dark Blue Hugo Boss

Princess Margaret – The Younger sister of the British Queen was also a woman with style. For nearly 20 years she has used two identical flavors – Oscar De La Renta and Volupte. Oscar De La Renta turns to be a favorite brand of the aristocracy, especially in its brand limited editions.

Princess Stephanie- The Youngest daughter of Prince Rainier – Princess Stephanie of Monaco has been always a rebel. She doesn’t order her perfumes, nor does she insist on scents made only for her. Stephanie has simple taste as she always goes for Chanel. She also prefers the light aroma of Allure.

Prince Charles-Prince Charles clearly has taste. Among his favorite flavors are Floris, Green Irish Tweed, Cool Water, and Highgrove brand of Duchy of Cornwall, C & E West Indian & Sicilian Lime Extract created especially for the taste of Prince Charles.

Princess Diana-Lady Diana had a great taste and over the years her favorite scents were Hermes 24 Faubourg, Diorissimo & Lanvin Arpege, Penhaligons Bluebell, Adoration, and Celias Ultimate Gardenia. After her death Creed has created a special perfume in her honor – Royal Water with a mix of various floral patterns that was often used by this amazing woman.

Prince Edward-Like dozens of kings and aristocrats, Prince Edward prefers Guerlain. His favorite scent is the mark of Heritage. The French brand Guerlain turns to be iconic for the royalties, hence it is working on vintage collection of perfumes, made only for special clients such as princes and princesses.

Queen Elizabeth- the Queen is definitely a woman of tradition. One of her favorite brands is Creed, considered a mark of nobility throughout Europe. It was created in 1760 in London and since then produces fragrances for almost the entire aristocracy of the continent. Same brand of perfume is worn also by King George. The Queen’s favorite perfume is precisely Fleurissimo of Creed, as well as the perfume Joy by Jean Patou.

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  1. Love reading this about the fragrances of royalty – I am still especially fond of Princess Diana.

    I have used some of her favorites. There is supposedly another one called ISIS – blend of white roses that was made for her specifically. Is this true?


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