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The clinics of the stars

They are used by the biggest Hollywood celebrities and there the cares are like no other. Here the health treatment is special and every client has his own therapy. Why do starts often choose a high-standard clinic is not even a question anymore. Health costs more than gold. In these clinics the health care is the best in the world. See them:

Promises, Malibu -This clinic is known for its promising name, beautiful ambient and professional care that has no equivalent. Here came Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr. and many others. The intensive course of treatment is combined with relaxation. You can also relax on the tennis courts or spa.

Betty Ford Clinic, Los Angeles-This clinic, which nowadays is considered the best in drug treatment, is opened 30 years ago.  It is offering comfort and successful treatment to help its famous clients to struggle with their addictions.  Here the patients are world-known:  Elizabeth Taylor, Drew Barrymore, Ozzy Osborne and rapper Jay-Z. The standard stay is 30 days and costs $25 thousand dollar.

Priory UK, Europe- This is one of Europe’s leading chain of psychiatric clinics, which has offices throughout the continent. Here anything could be cured – from alcoholism to sexual interference.
It was good enough for Johnny Depp, Kate Moss and others. One of the most famous of its branches is located in London.  A course of treatment there costs $18 thousand dollar.

Prive’Swiss, California -“Exclusive European style treatment” – this is the proposal of the luxury coastal rehabilitation center positioned nearby Newport and Laguna Beach’s.  Among the guests who have trusted this clinic are Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. The place is also known as the best rehab stay in USA.

Crossroads, Antigua-One of the celebrities that comes here when something go wrong is Eric Clapton. He often finds relax in this exotic clinic. The celebrity musician is not mistaken in his choice, hence here clients also was Whitney Houston and Britney Spears. The stay for one month here is nearly $20 000 dollar

Meadows Clinic, Arizona-Arizona dream has never been as reachable as it is in this relaxing getaway. In this clinic they are practicing peace of mind and escape from the stressful world around us. Visitors here are those depended on alcohol and drugs, which recovers fast due to the cares of these clinic experts. Here guest list includes Kate Moss, Robbie Williams, Mike Tyson and others.

Caron Foundation, New York-The name of the Caron Foundation is well known and offers its guests privacy and serenity. They are protected from prying eyes and sometimes they are not restricted to meet the opposite sex. Among the guest here was even Liza Minnelli. The treatment for one month in this clinic costs $14 000 dollar

Cottonwood de Tucson, Tucson, Arizona-Here clients are those stars, who want to get rid of depression or any addiction. They are devoted to yoga, meditation and special diet. This multi-treatment regimen, costing 15 thousand dollars, was subjected to stars as Geri Halliwell.

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