Perfume: What Scent is Right for You?

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Perfume: What Scent is Right for You?

Choosing the right perfume is one of the most personal choices you are ever likely to make, apart from choosing who you get married to. It needs to reflect your great personality, tie in to your lifestyle, and suit the chemistry of your body. You also need to pick the right fragrance, depending upon whether you want to be feminine, naughty, or sexy. Perfumes range from cheap to exorbitant, and can smell of everything from musk to strawberries. How do you pick the one perfume that is as unique as you are? You often experiment a lot, and try on a multitude of fragrances, until you find one that hits the jackpot. Spray some perfume onto your wrist, and wait for about half a minute before taking a sniff. You could either love it, or hate it, but this really is the most time-tested way of sampling perfume. Try not to sample too many scents at the same time, as their mingling fragrances will confuse you, and most likely, give you a headache. Always look to the ingredients to make sure that you aren’t allergic. These are also a basic indicator of whether the perfume will suit your tastes or not. Most ...

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