Kim Kardashian Perfume – Can You Afford to be Without It?

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Kim Kardashian Perfume – Can You Afford to be Without It?

I'm sure that it hasn't escaped your attention that the Kardashian sisters are some of the hottest properties on the celebrity scene at the moment; so it really only makes sense that a Kim Kardashian perfume is going to be nothing short of hot, too, doesn't it? With Miss Kardashian's engagement having been announced recently, and filling the tabloids and magazines, it seems that there may be a rush on, by her ardent fans, to be able to at least smell like her through her Kim Kardashian perfume, even if it they won't  necessarily snag a Kris Humphries of their very own. The only problem that most people are going to find, unless they too have an almost limitless supply of money, is the fact that it's going to cost you a tad more than the perfume that you're used to buying, when you're out doing the weekly food shopping. So, if you don't want to be left behind by all of the other followers of this trendsetter, and really have to have your own Kim Kardashian perfume, how are you going to get it when you're on a tight budget? You've probably already noticed that your local supermarket won't be doing any ...

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