Celebrity Fragrances – A Rose by Any Other Name

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Celebrity Fragrances – A Rose by Any Other Name

It seems that over the last few years many of the most glamorous celebrities have been releasing their own brand of celebrity fragrances. So, in a market that's already stocked with some of the most luxuriously priced, and exquisite smelling fragrances on the planet, why is it that we still have to have those new Sarah Jessica Parker, or any of a number of stars, perfumes? In a world where so many of the things that we see on the TV are full of doom and gloom, it's so easy for us to drop into a world where the success of others takes on a new meaning, and that's what can happen with celebrities. In years gone by the major stars were treated like god's and goddesses, we didn't always know that much about them, and it seemed to work for most fans. Now, however, we know so much more about celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, and that makes them seem to be more accessible to fans, and that hasn't been lost on the marketers. For a long time, especially with the fairly recent economic difficulties, luxury items, like fragrances, were seeing something of a decrease in their sales; then celebrity fragrances came along ...

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