Healthy Food, Healthy Life

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Healthy Food, Healthy Life

A healthy balanced diet is easier said than achieved. Today’s world encourages fast food, packaged food and unhealthy food that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. A healthy diet plan is one that comprises natural, fresh and rich foods taken daily. A balanced diet however is one that consists of various nutrients in the right proportion to supply the nutrient needs of the body. Problems arise when one tends to eat some kinds of food more than other kinds usually because on is your favorite food. In such cases a healthy balanced diet turns into unhealthy balance diet. Thus a balanced diet may be bad for you cause the diet may simply not supply the kind of nutrients that your body requires at that particular time. For example - if you are diabetic, hypertensive, or have a heart disease, a balanced diet may be unhealthy for you due to some kind of foods in the diet that makes it balance. It might be balanced but not for you. The same situation applies if you are weighing 400 pounds and a BMI of 41. While you must eat to stay alive, you need to avoid fatty and sugary foods as much as possible ...

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