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The day I couldn’t afford a $3 trip to Starbucks

When I lived with my parents, I handled 3 jobs at a time. Working between Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut and Zales I put in at least 14 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week.

This allowed me to help my parents with their bills and educate my younger brother & sister.

Few years later I met my husband Sonny who at the time had two perfume stores in local malls in Milwaukee, WI.

Working hard we built it into a seven figure business by having 5 mall locations and by exhibiting in 13 trade shows a year.

I’ll be honest, with such a large turn over small amounts like five-ten bucks didn’t mean much to me until we started losing sales and eventually were left with our last store and no employees.

While working there one afternoon I received a flyer from the mall informing us that Starbucks just opened for business & they were giving $1 off to all mall employees for first couple of days.

I got excited as I love their Chai Latte and immediately decided to get one only to realize….

….I had NO money whatsoever!!!

Quietly, I went to the back room, made myself tea by heating the water in microwave and throwing a tea bag in it and started uploading pictures of perfumes on our site that Sonny and I developed ourselves since we couldn’t afford an outside company.

Few days later we launched

For the third time in my life I worked 13-14 hrs. a day to make this business a success so we could give our 4 children a better life and pay off our debt.

Today, I consider my self to be very lucky and blessed as I own and run a company that has loyal clients all over the world.

I also consider my self very fortunate as I am able to empower hundreds of women through my group at zero cost to them.

And that I don’t have to run around between five malls & 13 trade shows. Instead I spend all the time with family, friends, clients and members of my group.

But you know what?

None of this could have been possible without YOU.

Without your continued business and support.

So although it may not be Thanksgiving Day today, I would still like to remind you how much we appreciate you.

Thank you again for choosing us to provide you with your favorite perfumes, colognes and hair straighteners and keeping us super busy over the past weekend.

We know that you have endless choices to decide which company you want to do business with and since you chose us, I feel honored and much obliged.

I, my staff and my group members truly appreciate you and wish you a wonderful holiday season ahead. May you get to spend it with your friends and family.

With deepest respect and warm regards!

Ami Ahuja
Empowering Women to Achieve their Dreams
(owner & co-founder)

P.S. Your coffee is on the house…

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And if you decide to spend that $5 savings on a latte or an espresso, feel free to email me your picture or upload it on my Facebook page so I can see how you are enjoying your favorite cappuccino.

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Cheers 🙂

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