Sarah Jessica Parker Perfumes – Do You Want to Get Carried Away?

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I’m sure that if you’re a woman, of a certain age, then you’ll know all about Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes, or at least you’ll know all about Sarah Jessica Parker, and the empowering influence that she’s had through the show ‘Sex in the City’; wouldn’t you want to be her in that show, just for a night?

Ok, maybe you won’t be another Carrie Bradshaw, and get up to the same outrageous things as her; so what’s the next best thing? No, what’s the next best affordable thing? How about if you could at least smell like her? You could have the same expensive taste in fragrances, even if you can’t have the lifestyle to go with it.

Of course, even getting the Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes doesn’t come cheap; so how do you manage to get them even if you’re living in Paris, Kentucky; rather than Paris, France?

Do you have any outlet stores nearby? It’s quite amazing what you can find in these stores, and, on occasions this is just the sort of thing that you might find. It can, however, be a fairly hit and miss affair as to whether you get what you’re looking for as, in most cases, it depends on whether there’s any damaged bottles to be sold on.

Next, and this is fast becoming an old favorite, is to do a search for Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes online. When you’re doing the search you should also remember to include the name of the fragrance, too, because there may be some sites that only list it as that; strange as that may seem.

You could spend ages going through each site, but, if you want to do this far quicker, then use a comparison site. Although comparison sites are going to pick up the majority of retailers selling Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes, not all of them will pick up every offer, so it may pay to use more than one comparison site.

While checking online, it may help you to buy cheaper if you look for wholesalers of the fragrances. Many wholesalers won’t want to sell to you if you’re just looking to buy one or two items, but there are some out there that will be more than happy to sell to you.

Ok, buying online is great, you can get some wonderful discounts, and you don’t even have to leave your computer to do it, but, it does have its problems, too. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who know that Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes are popular and expensive, and that poor unsuspecting people, possibly like you, will just want to buy and enjoy the perfume; so they get taken advantage of.

There are two ways to get around these evil people. The first is to make sure that you buy from a company, or individual, that you can go to and pick the perfume up from. Doing it that way you can check that this really is the Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance that you were after, and you can pay there and then. The second is to pay by a method that lets you claim back if the item isn’t ‘right’.

If you’re buying on an auction site you can, generally, pay by PayPal, and they will cover the purchase long enough for you to receive it and make sure it’s the genuine article. If the people you’re buying from tell you that delivery will take longer than the time PayPal allow, then don’t buy; you want to make sure you have enough time to check the item out and claim your money back, before it’s too late.

So, if you’d like the life of Carrie Bradshaw, but wouldn’t even have enough money to be able to use the same department store as her, then you may want to go for the next best thing and buy one of the Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes; what is it that they say about the ‘sweet smell of success’?