The Reason Why I Never Charge Our Members

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Dear Amazing Friend,

I often get asked as to why I launched this group or why
don’t I charge members a yearly fee or charge at the
monthly FridayFunNights. Well, here’s the reason why…

I came to U.S. about 15 years ago with almost no money.
Within a few weeks I was working 3 jobs a day to survive.
Although I was able to make a living and help out my
parents and younger brother & sister get education, I
myself was not confident dealing with people due to not
being fluent in English.

Luckily I am a fast learner and within a few years became
manager at Pizza Hut & Asst. Manager at TCF Bank. Further
down the road I met my husband Sonny who at the time had
brand name designer perfume stores in malls called
Scentiments, The Scent Shop.

Within a few years together we build it to a seven figure
business. We had stores in Northridge Mall, Capitol Court,
Southridge, Brookfield Sq, Regency mall in Racine, East &
West Towne in Madison & Fox River Mall in Appleton.

We also had a 5000 sq ft distribution center on 51st &
Lincoln plus we did 13 trade shows a year in Chicago,
Gatlinburg, New Orleans, Las Vegas & few other cities.

Around 6 years ago we lost it all and found ourselves in
debt in over six figures. Needless to say past 6 years of
my life have been a ‘life transformation’ journey.
It’s 10 times easier to start with ZERO than with 250K in
the hole. But we re strategized our business, ideas & goals.

I am proud to be married to a very smart man who put us
back on the path to success before life got out of hand.

This time around we built 4 online businesses, 2 of them
being international. Our perfume site gets visitors from
3000 cities worldwide every month & we ship to over
30 countries besides all 50 U.S. states.

2 years ago we paid off all our suppliers; NEVER filed
Bankruptcy and still have a SPOTLESS credit for which I
thank God every day. Although we are far from being a seven
figure company yet, our profits this year should be highest
ever even when we had 5 stores, did 13 trade shows & had
27 team members.

That’s mainly because now we both work from the warmth of
our home. Our business expenses are less than 5% of what
they were 6-7 years ago. Yes we learn’t the hard way 🙂

Also I had 2 adorable kids within last 5 years, a boy and
a girl  & ran for Mrs. Wisconsin in 2011, won 3 out of
5 awards making history.

Going through a roller coaster of a life I’ve met hundreds
& thousand of women especially because I was selling
perfumes in stores and trade shows for many years. My
co-workers in Zales, TCF, our well over 100 employees and
thousands of loyal clients are all mostly women that I had
a chance to get to know.

I realized we women have so much more potential than what
others see from out side. I often see women trying hard to
be as successful as men. In fact I strongly believe there’s
a lot more we do than our counter parts. I also believe that
generally it’s us women who build strong communities,
healthy families & brighter future for our kids who are the
future of our nation.

BUT I also discovered that women do not get access to all
the tools, information and the time in order to be at their
BEST. Many times we know the tools we need to be more
successful but finances don’t allow us to get them as
we may spend our money on our kids, their food, clothing
etc. than on our selves or our own needs.

The sacrifices we make our beyond words…

I do know that we women are helpful, like to work together 
& more than often look out for each other so in order to 
bring us together, on October 28, 2010 I launched this group 
called “A Woman’s Journey

Although I could have and can charge our members, I do not
want even ONE of us to miss our event because of the fee
attached. It will completely defeat my very reason of forming
this group even if ONE person decides not to attend any
FridayFunNight because she did not have enough money to pay
for the door price or food.

And believe me it happens. It’s happened to me. And it’s 
happened more than once.

Our’s may not be a 5 star venue with gourmet food but I ensure
the knowledge shared is Top Of The Line, knowledge that
matters and that helps us enhance our present & our future.

And I will do everything in my power to keep our group & FridayFunNights FREE, forever!

My Goal

My goal with this group is to bring together women who need
help and women that are ready to help. When I say women who
are ready to help, I mean women who may be home makers and
are ready to spread the word about another member’s business
or women who are experts or coaches etc. that are ready to
help others with their expertise.

Plus I work hard on bring in an expert once a month who can
show us how to get what we need faster or easier. In past
we’ve had speakers on how women can stay safe while travelling,
how to be happier with what we have, break through to new
standards, discover the Goddess we are, making money on
internet and much more.

My Vision of “A Woman’s Journey”

I want to take this group to a global level before the end
of this summer. I am looking into launching the group’s very
own website where all of us will be able to connect and
have conversations. Everyone will be able to have a profile
where they can show case their expertise, their business or
how they can help the others.

I have also constructed a small studio where I will be
inviting experts for interviews. Then I’ll be sharing
those interviews through the group’s website and social media.
The interviews will help the members learn something new
while it will help the person being interviewed get more
exposure & business.

In order to grow this group faster I have started looking
for sponsors. I may also look into getting donations from
local businesses etc.

My Request to You:

If you find this group worth while please help me spread
the word and ask your co-workers, friends and family members
to join. The more members we have, the easier it will be for
me to find sponsors, grow the group faster & reach out to more women.

End of the day our members have nothing to lose!

I also welcome all the new members who joined recently and
apologize for not being able to welcome everyone individually.

To Your Success! To Our Success!! Talk Soon!!!

Ami Ahuja 🙂
Empowering Women to Achieve Their Dreams!
(founder, A Woman’s Journey, www.TheBeautifulWomen.Org)
(owner & co-founder,

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