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How to protect your perfumes in summer?

Summer is here in many parts of the country; which means sunshine, hot temperatures and humidity. These can destroy your perfumes if you do not use precaution. I know how much you love your fragrances and I want to make sure you get the full value of your purchases and continue to enjoy their lovely scents.

Here’s how to store your perfumes to keep them smelling beautiful for longer:

1) Store in an airtight bottle – this protects the perfume from air which can cause the fragrance to break down over time and may alter its scent. Make sure that if your bottle has a screw top that it is on tightly so no air can get in.

2) Limit exposure to heat and humidity – try to keep them out of the bathroom due to the steam caused by showers and baths. Also do not store them in the refrigerator. Although cool temperatures are best for storage, the humidity will damage them.

3) Keep them out of the sunlight! – Look for dim locations to store them: closets, drawers or chests are ideal. When you store bottles out in the open, the lighting can break down the scent over time. If your perfume comes in a clear bottle, you may want to store it in the original box.

I hope these tips were helpful.

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