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When my hubby pushed me into a hole…

Last Saturday my husband pushed me into a hole.

It was very deep, very dark and I was very scared! Not only did I scream all the way down, but I even stopped breathing for a moment. The good news is, I survived. (Obviously, as I am clearly able to write this note to you.)

The truth is, it is not as bad as you may think.

The hole was really an enclosed water slide and we were on family vacation in Wisconsin Dells. I was NOT expecting it, I WAS scared and I DID scream. It was all in fun and I eventually saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Nonetheless, it got me to thinking about how many times in our lives we are forced into situations that we are not ready for? How many times have we felt that life seemed like a dark scary hole? And how many times have we screamed and survived these moments? Knowing that there is always a light at the end of every tunnel is one of the things that always gets me through during these times.

So, my amazing friends, when life gets uncomfortable, scary or even dark, trust in yourself. Our sub-conscious mind can play tricks on us, making us believe we are not safe sometimes. However, our intuition or “gut feelings” can tell us differently.

This is why I am excited for our next speaker, Paul Parsons. He will be talking to us about how to follow our “gut feelings” and use the “power of suggestion” to help us in so many areas of our lives: jobs, business, family, relationships etc…

Maybe I will learn how to sub-consciously “suggest” that my hubby Sonny not push me down the hole next time or at least recognize the feeling of being safe as I go down.

These tools that Paul will teach will be very beneficial to us all as we go about our lives and make new choices, grow our businesses and connect with our friends and families.

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