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Paul Sebastian Perfume

The Paul Sebastian range of perfumes were introduced sometime around year 1980 and ever since its launch, it has attracted perfume lovers all over the world. Cheap and economical as they are; the intrinsic quality of Paul Sebastian range of fragrances have their own class. They are strong, long lasting and are available in a variety of floral and musk options. This range caters to both men and women folk who have panache for refined fragrances and yet they are pocket friendly. Several varieties of Paul Sebastian products are readily available all over the world. Let us discuss each of these in some more detail in the forthcoming paragraphs.

The original Paul Sebastian Cologne for men was introduced in the year 1980 and attracted the fancy of perfume lovers almost instantly. It’s bold, masculine fragrance with the exotic combination of floral and citrus fragrances took the world by storm. This cologne sold over a million bottles within the first couple of months itself. Besides citrus and floral tones it also has distinct shades of lavender and jasmine. This EDT cologne spray continues to be one of the best sellers in the entire range and is priced at USD 14 for a 2 oz bottle. The 4 oz variant of this perfume is priced at USD 24 and can be purchased conveniently over the store or through numerous online options.

After its astounding success with the first product, Paul Sebastian ventured into the world of women’s fragrances in the year 1985 when they launched the DESIGN perfume for women. Refreshingly mild and having distinct notes of rose, citrus and honeysuckle, this brand became the preferred evening wear for ladies rich and famous, the world over. Over the many years that have rolled by since this fragrance first hit the shelves, its popularity has only increased over time. This goes to show the loyalty and brand preference which Paul Sebastian as a designer perfume line enjoys. The DESIGN is available in two variants – the 1.7 oz which costs approximately USD 21 and the 3.4 oz which retails at USD 24.50.

Inspired by the success of DESIGN, the house of Paul Sebastian came out with a daytime, everyday use variant named CASUAL in the year 1995. This fragrance was meant for working ladies and was essentially a day time wear perfume. This perfume had a unique mix of fruity and floral flavors and jasmine and rose were the most striking notes. Designed for women who fancied smelling good at work, the CASUAL range of perfumes captivated its fans the world over. Very few perfumes had such distinct and rich floral notes when this particular product was launched and no wonder this variant once again became a huge hit with Paul Sebastian followers. Once again, this perfume was cheap and pocket friendly and is presently available at retail outlets (or online) at a little over USD 24 for a standard 4 oz container. Around the same time, which is in the year 1995, Paul Sebastian also launched the CASUAL Cologne for men. This was more of a casual wear fragrance for men. Strong and masculine with a heady mix of jasmine, mandarin and rose notes, this cologne became a runaway success almost immediately after its launch. This was priced almost in the same range as its feminine variant and currently retails at USD 24 for a standard 3.4 oz container.

As already mentioned the USP of Paul Sebastian fragrances have always been quality at not so high prices. Perfume lovers all across the world swear by the freshness and uniqueness of this brand but most importantly what gives them added attraction is the extremely competitive price. Probably, to take this principle a step further, Paul Sebastian also launched the ONYX COLOGNE for men in the late 1990s. This was a casual wear perfume meant basically for day wears and had nutmeg, sandalwood and sandalwood as the most prominent notes. This fragrance was relatively lower priced and currently can be purchased for USD 18 for a standard 4 oz bottle.

Besides the prominent fragrances discussed above, Paul Sebastian range also comprises of the KINETIC and FUNKY SEXY COOL. While the former is a very widely accepted men’s fragrance the latter has once again delighted women fragrance connoisseurs, all over the world.

So what is it that really drives people to drive towards buying a Paul Sebastian perfume? Reasons are many. First and foremost, the intrinsic quality of the scent. As a designer fragrance line, this brand has always innovated and brought out new products. It’s not that other companies do not do the same, but the regularity and consistency of innovation of Paul Sebastian’s can be actually matched by very few of its competitors.

The other big reason is the price. This is one of the cheapest and most reasonably priced perfumes in the designer or celebrity fragrance range. Over the years, this brand has maintained a very strict watch on its prices and although it has come up with exquisite innovations almost at regular intervals of time, the product prices have never been allowed to rise. Coupled with its product quality, the product pricing strategy of Paul Sebastian has also played a vital role in creating a distinctive fan base all across the world. What actually comes out from the pricing strategy of this brand is that, it aims to reach the masses (or common man) with a perfume that is affordable, yet is of a five star category when it comes to sheer fragrance quality.

Over the past thirty five years that Paul Sebastian has been into the world of manufacturing perfumes, it has developed its unique fan following across different age groups. Irrespective of gender and geographic location, this brand is loved and cherished for by its patrons, who literally swear by the brand name.  Every time a new Paul Sebastian fragrance hits the shelves, it is both cherished and relished in the same way that the first fragrance was done, way back in the year 1980. For a perfume brand which produces cheap, affordable yet best in class fragrance, this is by no means a small achievement.

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