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Kim Kardashian Perfume – Can You Afford to be Without It?

I’m sure that it hasn’t escaped your attention that the Kardashian sisters are some of the hottest properties on the celebrity scene at the moment; so it really only makes sense that a Kim Kardashian perfume is going to be nothing short of hot, too, doesn’t it?
With Miss Kardashian’s engagement having been announced recently, and filling the tabloids and magazines, it seems that there may be a rush on, by her ardent fans, to be able to at least smell like her through her Kim Kardashian perfume, even if it they won’t  necessarily snag a Kris Humphries of their very own.
The only problem that most people are going to find, unless they too have an almost limitless supply of money, is the fact that it’s going to cost you a tad more than the perfume that you’re used to buying, when you’re out doing the weekly food shopping. So, if you don’t want to be left behind by all of the other followers of this trendsetter, and really have to have your own Kim Kardashian perfume, how are you going to get it when you’re on a tight budget?
You’ve probably already noticed that your local supermarket won’t be doing any big discount deals on this one, so buying it from any of your local shops seems to be out for a start, but, there may be a local source that you haven’t thought about trying. The word that springs to mind is eBay.
Ok, that may not sound like a local source, but, there may be a number of people locally who are selling a bottle of Kim Kardashian perfume on the auction site. Why should you be looking locally when there may be tens of hundreds of people selling it throughout the country? You want to buy it locally for one simple reason; you can try to arrange to go around and make sure that it is actually a genuine bottle of Kim Kardashian perfume.
Now, you don’t want to outright say to people that you don’t believe that they’re selling the genuine perfume and you want to check it out, even if that is the case; if you haven’t completed the purchase online then justifying going around to ‘sample’ it may be difficult, but, if you have won the auction, then you could say that you’ll pay in cash, and want to save on postage; so when you go around you can make sure it’s the real thing before parting with your money.
If going to auction for your Kim Kardashian perfume is a little bit too much like hard work, then you may want to see if it’s available on Amazon.
Shopping with them can quite often be a good way to pick up the things that you want, for less than the shops in your town will be selling it; for instance, a quick search for ‘Kim Kardashian Perfume For Women by Kim Kardashian’ shows that, at the time of writing, a new bottle is selling for $28.25 on Amazon, which is a saving of $40.75 on the list price of $69, or, if you’d prefer, a 59% discount just by doing a 30 second search. Don’t you just love online shopping?
So, if you’ve always wanted to be a Kardashian, but don’t have the required fame or fortune, you can at least smell like one, and who knows, maybe the Kim Kardashian perfume will work its magic on your love life, too.

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