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Juicy Couture Perfumes

Juicy Couture is a brand that has been associated with a wide variety of product of products primarily focusing on casual dressing. Juicy Couture has a whole rainbow of products including apparel, jewelry, footwear, accessories and footwear with a really interesting range. Perfumes are also an integral part of their product line. Though, the product launch is only recently, but review suggest that you really want to put you hand on one of these. Plus, with some really interesting discount features, Juicy Couture perfumes really deserve to be in your wish list.

Perfumes do not make you stars overnight or will give you an eye-catching personality, but they certainly add on to your personality and definitely impress those who get close to you. So, for those who really want to have a lasting impression on their close ones, you can add a really fitting perfume to your list of luxury items. Even on a more general occasion, a meeting, a public gathering or a get-together, you will like your presence to be felt and you have an edge over others with your presence. When you walk into a group of people, you will feel nice if some heads turn and your entry is noticed. And the fragrance you carry will depend on the occasion. If you are in for a formal sort of occasion such as an interview or a business meeting, you will want a more sober and lighter feel to the fragrance you wear. But if it’s a party or a date or a get together with friends, you can shout your heart out with just how you smell. The right mix of your personality, your personal tastes, the type of occasion and the correct choice of perfume will definitely do wonders to you performance and confidence. You can call that a winning combination.

Juicy Couture just solved this very worry for you by launching this really interesting product line. The Juicy Couture perfumes boast of being a brain child of the famous perfume specialist Harry Fremont. So, it can claim to be a really interesting designer perfume. And Yes! it is very interesting with the ingredients list that has been put in by Harry Fremont to create this fragrance. Those who have heard of Harry Fremont will definitely know what has gone into Juicy Couture’s line of perfumes.

The base lies in watermelon. Watermelon gives a sweet touch to the fragrance. Then it also includes a host of other ingredients. It has mandarin, vanilla, caramel and patchouli. Then you can also find some other fruits such as pink passion fruit and green apple enhancing the feel. Harry also used water hyacinth, rose, tuberose and princess lily to give the Juicy Couture perfume a really nice feel.

The founders of the Juicy Couture range introduced the fragrance by comparing it with Barbie and describe it as a fresh, light, sweet and sparkling feel just like the character of Barbie. Those who prefer fragrances with a fruity touch with a mix of some floral are really going to love this one. This scent has a royal and decadent feel to it.

The whole range is also very interesting with the signature perfume product being named Juicy Couture itself. Other ranges include Eau De Parfum, Juicy Couture Pure Perfume by Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy. Eau De Parfum is more towards the basic fragrance where as other ranges give a lot of options with variations in ingredients and fragrances. Viva La Juicy, as the name of the Juicy Couture perfume range itself suggests, is especially for those ladies who want something interesting from their perfume. So, it is an enticing fragrance built out of wild berries, honey suckle and praline. Apart from the fragrances being nice, they are long lasting as well. Otherwise, a really nice fragrance will be useful if it does not sustain itself and wears out quickly.

These ranges of Juicy Couture perfumes that are available at really tempting discounted prices will provide an edge to your personality by giving you the right kind of feeling, the right effect on your audience and giving you the confidence that you are making an impact on people. You just need to pick up the right one for you from the Juicy Couture range of perfumes and fragrances. We are here to help you pick up a good deal by providing discounted Juicy Couture products.

Here are a few tips to help you pick up the really fitting and matching perfume from the Juicy Couture line. Firstly, you need to know yourself, identify your personality type, your tastes and interests. Because, you need to be satisfied with what fragrance you are wearing, then only you will be able to impress other. Though you can vary a bit depending on whom you want to impress!. Then decide which on will be appropriate for the occasion you are going for. Few pointers provided above in the article can help here. Depending on that, you can either go for a Juicy Couture perfume that is strong and sporty in nature or otherwise you can select a softer and lighter variant. The Juicy Couture collection of perfumes and fragrances cover a lot of tastes with their wide and varied portfolio. So you are more than sure to find a really suitable variant for yourself on most of the occasions.

These perfumes also come in very attractive packaging. You can say that the bottles are cute which the ladies will really like. Also, the packaging has attractive Juicy Couture design and logo to add on to it.  For example, the Viva La Juicy comes packed in a bold golden colored decanter that is decorated by a Juicy charms design.

One will say that such a content-rich product can not cost dearly to your pockets. We will not let you worry about this. Our discounts will bring you the Juicy Couture Perfumes at really cheap prices, so that you can get this really interesting product at really interesting prices.

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