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Jennifer Lopez Perfumes

Jennifer Lopez, whose real name is Jennifer Lyn Lopez is arguably one of the most powerful, iconic and stylish woman alive on the planet. Nicknamed J.Lo, this Latino American star is a multi faceted creative genius having earned world wide fame and recognition as singer, musician, actor, film producer and fashion designer. The Forbes Magazine has recently enlisted her in the list of Top 100 influential female entertainers in the world. She is a true style diva and youth icon of modern woman, representing what immense power and potential women folk the world over, can and have brought to the table. In short, she is truly the international style goddess of today’s happening civilization.

Besides belting out super hit music albums that have time and again rocked pop music lovers all over the world, J.Lo has yet another aspect to her immensely creative personality and that is fashion designing. She launched her formal clothing line in the year 2003 and just like her music videos, this became a runaway super hit. Her clothing lines have taken many editions of the New York Fashion week by storm.

Emboldened by her success with the fashion clothing and accessories domain, J.Lo then ventured into her line of fragrances – perfumes and colognes.

The first to hit the shelves was J.Lo Glow. This was an EDT perfume launched in early 2003 and had ingredients like Pink Grapefruit, coconut water, passion fruit extracts etc as key ingredients. J.Lo Glow had the late teens and early twenties women folk as target customer base and created history within a year of its launch. This perfume raked in more than a hundred million dollars in sales in the first year of its launch and continues to be one of the most popular and sought after EDT perfume. Glow is a popular, economy range EDT perfume and can be purchased at USD 25 for a 50 ml bottle. Discounts and specific festive rebates make J.Lo Glow an extremely popular and time tested fragrance for the style conscious women folk of today. Following the footsteps of original Glow perfume, the latest entrant in this category of Jennifer Lopez perfumes is J.Lo Sunkissed Glow (introduced in world wide perfume markets in the year 2009). Composition and fragrance wise, Sunkissed Glow has plenty of similarities with the original Miami Glow and Glow after Dark ranges. Grapefruit, pineapple and floral tones stand out to be the most prominent notes of this EDT. This fragrance is available in thirty, fifty and hundred milliliter variants and retails at around USD 35 for a 50 ml bottle. Look for festive discounts and other prime time buying offers, when you can actually snap up this J.Lo masterpiece at even more attractive prices.

Yet another of J.Lo’s masterpieces in the fragrance line is the J.Lo Still perfume. This perfume spray comes in a breathtakingly attractive crystallized glass bottle with a diamond shaped top. Its diamond ring lining on top the bottle makes it an extremely dazzling and gorgeous object to look at. Compared with other perfumes in its category and also with its counterparts in the J.Lo range, this perfume stands out simply because of its dazzling aesthetics, not to forget about the intrinsic quality of the product. As far as the product ingredients go, notes of roses, and other delicate flowers stand out when applied. The Still as a perfume is relatively less long lasting than the Miami Glow or Sunkissed Glow but nonetheless has the distinctive aura and aroma which carries on and on. Price wise, the J.Lo Still is competitively priced at USD 30 for a bottle of 50 ml.

All Jennifer Lopez perfumes have one thing in common. Exquisite floral notes and fragrances seem to rule the roost for this diva’s line of fragrances. Coupled with its long lasting charm, unique aesthetics and comparatively cheap or discounted prices, J.Lo range of perfumes enjoy the patronage of today’s modern and style conscious women folk, the world over. Her line of fragrances truly represent her real self – subtle and sexy, extremely feminine and yet captivating. In the forthcoming paragraphs, let us discuss about a couple of more fragrances available under the J.Lo line of perfumes. These are Live, Live Luxe and Deseo.

Jeniffer Lopez introduced Live (her fourth fragrance) in the summer of year 2005. Key notes include lemon, orange, pineapple, vanilla and sandalwood. This perfume is a member of the fruity floral range of fragrances and ever since its introduction has gained immense popularity among matured women all over the world. Fairly long lasting and soothing – Live stands out as an all age fragrance, with the initial feel and aroma of citrus and pineapple with the drying down fragrance resembling more of warm woods with lots and lots of musk. Like the other J.Lo fragrances, this variant is also available in sizes of thirty, fifty and hundred milliliter containers.  Live Luxe was a follow-up to the Live perfume and was introduced in early 2006. This variant was introduced keeping in mind comparatively younger age groups and therefore there are certain elementary differences in the aroma composition as compared to the J.Lo Live. Key notes in the fragrance are floral followed by apple, vanilla and sandalwood. Both J.Lo Live and Live Luxe can be purchased at cheap, discounted rates around special festive seasons. Usually both these fragrances retail for approximately USD 30 for a 30 ml bottle.

Yet another stunning product in the J.Lo line of fragrances is the Deseo. Launched in 2008, this floral woody fragrance is aimed at the matured and more sophisticated age group. Unlike many other fragrances in this category, the floral notes in Deseo are distinctively prominent with subtle but clear touches of musk, sandalwood and cedar. The aroma and feel stays on for a substantially long period of time, even in humid and sultry weather conditions. The Deseo bottle is a visual treat – it comes in the shape of a roughened, unpolished diamond. Aesthetically, the packaging clearly stands out of competition. Like all other variants in the J.Lo fragrance range, Deseo comes in thirty, fifty and hundred milliliter variants and is available at approximately USD 40 for a 30 ml container.

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