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Inspired by Redbox…

On Saturday evening while on my way out from our local grocery store I stopped at Redbox outside to pick up a movie. As I was browsing I noticed a few movies with “Back Again” heading on top of them. These were old movies most likely back by popular demand for a short period of time.

Two of them caught my eye. On my way back I thought about those 2 movies bringing back fond memories.

As I was updating the prices of some of the fragrances over the weekend, I noticed there are quite a few men’s & women’s fragrances ‘back again‘ with us too this holiday season.

These perfumes & colognes are not carried by department stores and were completely gone but are back by popular demand. Since we often get calls for many of these discontinued fragrances, I have put together a list of top 10 such perfumes & colognes that although discontinued for a few years now, are in stock & ready to ship today!

Please see the list below. Click on the links to see their images & refresh your memories.

For Women:
1) Madame Rochas 3.4oz edt spray by Rochas (Our price $34.95, Retail $75)

2) 1881 3.3oz edt spray by Nino Cerruti (Our price $36.95, Retail $67)

3) Casmir 3.4oz edp spray by Chopard (On sale $34.95, Retail $75)

4) Cabotine 3.4oz edp spray by Gres (On sale $28.77, Retail $90)

5) Celine Dion 3.3oz edp spray by Celine Dion (Our Price $32.95, Retail $54)

6) Wings 1.7oz edt spray by Giorgio Beverly Hills (Our price $23.95, Retail $46)

For Men:
1) 1881 3.4oz edt spray by Nino Cerruti (Our price $34.95, retail $50)

2) Wings 3.4oz edt spray by Giorgio Beverly Hills (Our price $24.95, Regular 48)

3) Aramis 3.4oz edt spray by Aramis (Our price $47.95, Regular $65)

4) Animale cologne 3.4oz edt spray (Our price $29.95, Regular $50)

There are many more discontinued fragrances available this holiday season which are not available through the year.

If you are looking for any such fragrance please hit the reply button and let me know or call me directly at 414-421-6399 between 10am to 5pm cst and I’ll personally help you find the the one in your mind.

With warm regards & deepest respect,
Ami Ahuja
Empowering Women to Achieve their Dreams
(owner & co-founder)

P.S. These fragrances are not available year round and will be gone soon. Please order yours now before they completely disappear.

P.P.S. You can also use coupon code OMG at check out to get FREE Nationwide Shipping on ANY item today!

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