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Home Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance can give you some added protection. In case of emergency, home insurance will keep you covered financially. Knowing that you have home insurance can give you the reassurance that you have what you need. Do you need homeowner’s insurance? In that case, you have options. Talk to Ami Ahuja today to find out how you can make the most of those options.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Your coverage depends on your policy. Generally speaking, home insurance covers your home and the belongings inside of it. Your insurance can cover weather-related disasters. However, keep in mind that most home insurance policies don’t include flooding. You can buy flood insurance separately. Home insurance can also cover disasters like fires and damage from burst pipes. Finally, your home insurance can cover you in case of theft. Again, it all depends on the details of your policy, so make sure that you go over your options with an expert before you make the commitment.

Could Home Insurance Be Right for You?

You can own a home without home insurance. However, insurance is a good idea for homeowners. For one thing, if you have a mortgage, your mortgage company may require you to buy insurance. Second, you might want home insurance if you’ve just moved into a nicer house or just want some extra reassurance.

Let Ami Ahuja Help

Want to know more about your home insurance options? Then Ami Ahuja is here to help. She’ll help you find the home insurance that will work best for your needs. Contact Ami today to learn more.

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