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Get Happy!

What is Happiness?

It is that sunshine feeling we get when we are filled with joy.  We all strive to have it be a large part of our lives.

Where does it come from?

Many of people look for Happiness in material things, relationships, jobs, etc… and then as soon as that thing/person is gone from their lives, they don’t know how to get happy again.

Why is that?

Because happiness comes from within.

No matter what is going on around us, we have to learn to be happy not only WITH ourselves but WITHIN ourselves.  Happiness is something we ALL have access to every day and every night, regardless of the things or people we are surrounded (or not surrounded) by.

Happiness is a choice.  When we choose to make ourselves happy, it happens automatically.  Happiness attracts Happiness.  Just be deciding to be happy, you can create a life of joy for yourself and others.

Here are some simple tools ANYONE can do to bring Happiness into their lives TODAY:

  • Meditate – A daily practice of meditation will center you and tap you into the feeling of peace thereby making the way for happiness to come in.
  • Affirmation – Find a phrase that works for you to repeat daily to remind yourself that Happiness is possible for you.  Example: I gain happiness in everything that I do.
  • Smile – A simple smile can light up a room.  Do you notice that when you smile at others, they smile back at you?  Next thing you know, you feel good and so does that other person.  Let’s take it a step further and put yourself in front of a mirror and smile at yourself.  Share that Happiness with You and accept it!

These are simple practices that if done daily, can bring significant change into your life.

So go ahead, GET HAPPY!

Ami Ahuja  🙂

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