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Givenchy Fragrances

Hubert De Givenchy was born on 20th February 1927, Beauvais, France. He is one of the most revered and admired fashion designer of his times, the legacy continues in the fashion industry even today. Givenchy was one of the youngest fashion designers in the world. Givenchy studied in Paris at Ecole des Beaux Arts. His first design was done for Jacques Fath in 1945. In 1946 he also designed for Lucien Lelong, in association with Pierre Balmain and Christian Dior, unknown names at that time (they are well known and very established fashion designers). From 1947 to 1951 Givenchy worked with Elsa Schiaparelli. At the young age of 25 he founded his own company called House of Givenchy, in 1952. His rise in the fashion industry and the rise of Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn is almost parallel. She wore clothes/ designs of Givenchy in most of her movies. Another famous lady, Jacqueline Kennedy used to exclusively wear clothes designed by Givenchy. His first perfume was dedicated to Audrey Hepburn and was introduced in 1957 by the name of L’Interdit and Le De Givenchy.

Givenchy fragrances are very popular and are considered as one of the best and most exquisite luxury designer fragrances in the world. His fragrances are made in association with Bertrand Duchaufour, Paul Leger, Dominique Ropion, Olivier Cresp, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, Emilie Coppermann, Pierre Wargnye, Jean-Claude Delville, Annick Menardo, Anne Flipo, Sophie Labbe, Daniel Hoffmann, llias Ermenidis, Christine Nagel, Hubert Givenchy, Paul Leger, Daniel Moliere, Michel Girard, Lucas Sieuzak, Marc Buxton, Evelyne Boulanger, Christophe Raynaud, Francis Fabron, Francoise Donche, Carlos Benaim, Pascal Guarin, and Norbert Bijaoui.

Le De Givenchy for women was launched in 1957. It has a woody floral musk aroma. The middle note includes lilac, jasmine, orrisroot, lily, rose, ylang-ylang and carnation. The base note consists of musk, amber, guava wood, oak moss and sandalwood. The top note comprises of orange, coriander, bergamot, rosewood and tarragon. The fragrance of this perfume is traditional and conventional, as described by the ladies. It was Bettie Davis’s signature fragrance. The same year L’Interdit for women was also launched. Francis Fabron designed this perfume. The middle note consists of violet, orrisroot, jasmine, rose, lily, Ylang-Ylang, narcissus and iris. The base note includes musk, amber, sandalwood, benzoin, Tonka bean and vetiver. The top note comprises of orange, aldehydes, peach, spices, strawberry and bergamot. This perfume was especially designed for Audrey Hepburn and has a very feminine and elegant fragrance. In 1959 Monsieur de Givenchy was launched for men. It has a citrus fragrance. The middle note includes lemon and lavender. Base notes are musk, oak moss and sandalwood. The top note consists of pepper, carnation, lemon and cinnamon. The fragrance is refreshing and fresh.

In 1970 Givenchy III for women was launched. Pierre Dinand designed the bottle. The middle note includes rose, hyacinth, iris root, jasmine and lily. The base note consists of oak moss, amber, patchouli and sandalwood. The top comprises of mandarin, bergamot, gardenia, galbanum, peach and aldehydes. The fragrance of this perfume is fresh and new. Buy cheap Givenchy perfumes at stores that offer discount on these products. You can also surf the net and look for the site that is offering maximum discount on these perfumes. Order your cheap Givenchy III perfume and enjoy the discount.

In 1984 Ysatis for women was launched. Dominique Ropion designed this perfume. It has floral-fruity and spicy fragrance. It has an elegant and stylish bottle. It has a graceful and womanly fragrance. The middle notes include iris, jasmine, narcissus, tuberose and rose. The base notes are vanilla, musk, amber, patchouli, civet, sandalwood and vetiver. The top note consists of coconut, ylang-ylang, rosewood, citrus fruits, aldehydes and galbanum. In 1986 Xeryus for men was launched. The middle note includes coriander, cypress, juniper berries, cyclamen, sandalwood, geranium, tarragon, petit grain and cinnamon. The base note consists of musk, amber, balsam fir, cedar, oak moss, incense, leather and vetiver. The top note comprises of orange, jasmine, violet, nutmeg, lavender, green notes, bergamot, ylang-ylang, lemon and rose. The fragrance is subtle, mellow and sensuous. Always look for the stores those offer discounts on these products. You can get the same brand/ product at a discounted price if you do a little bit of research on the Internet. It will not be a hassle to find a site offering cheap Givenchy line of collection.

Amarige for women was launched in 1991. Dominique Ropion designed this fragrance. It is a combination of all the wonderful flowers that gives this perfume an aroma that is distinct and different. The middle note consists of neroli, tuberose, black currant, gardenia, acacia and mimosa. The base note includes vanilla, Tonka bean, cedar, amber, sandalwood and musk. The top note comprises of plum, orange, peach, neroli, rosewood and mandarin. It is a long lasting scent. The fragrance of this perfume is sweet, classic and grand.

Insense for men was launched in 1993. Daniel Moliere designed this fragrance. It is a floral fragrance and is breezy, salty and masculine. The notes include black currant, lemon, orange, bergamot, lavender and aldehydes. In 1994 Fleur d’Interdit for women was launched. Daniel Moliere designed this fragrance. Also known as “forbidden flowers”, this perfume is targeted at young women creating a heavenly atmosphere coupled with romance. The middle note includes rose, violet, lilac, jasmine, cyclamen and lily. The base note consists of vanilla, orris, heliotrope and sandal. The top note comprises of melon, raspberries and peach. The fragrance is fresh, light and feminine. In 1995 Insense Ultramarine for men was launched. Middle notes are carnation, mint, iris, sage, lily, cardamom, tobacco and magnolia. The top notes include galbanum, watermelon, black currant and bergamot. Is has classic fragrance. Organza for women was launched in 1996. Serge Manseau designed the appealing bottle. Sophie Labbe designed this fragrance. This became a very popular perfume. The fragrance is sensual, stimulating, romantic, delicate and warm. It enhances the eternal beauty of every woman. Middle note is a great combination of floral bouquets and the base consists of vanilla. The top note includes gardenia, jasmine and tuberose. It still remains one of the most sought after perfume/ fragrance of many women around the world. Get your cheap Givenchy fragrance from the stores that offer maximum discount or you can go online and purchase Givenchy line of collection at a much discounted price.

Other Givenchy line of collection includes; Xeryus for men, Pi for men, Organza Indecence for women, Pi Fraiche for men, Oblique Fast Forward for women and men, Oblique Play for women and men, Oblique Rewind for women and men, Only Givenchy for women, Organza First Light for women, Absolutely Givenchy for women, Amarige Mariage for women, Ange ou Demon for women, Insense Ultramarine Beach Boy for men and Insense Ultramarine Beach girl for women, Jardin d’Interdit for women, Lovely prism for women, Organza Fleur d’Oranger de Nabeul for women,  Pi Leather Jacket for men, Pi Original Code for men, Very Irresistible Rose Centifolia de Chateauneuf de Grasse for women, Very Irresistible Summer for men, Very Irresistible Soleil d’Ete for women, Very Irresistible Sensual Velvet for women, Very Irresistible Givenchy Fresh Attitude for men, Les Parfums MythiquesXeryus for men, Les Parfums MythiquesVetiver for men, Les Parfums MythiquesOrganza Indecence for women, Les Parfums MythiquesMonsieur de Givenchy for men, Les Parfums MythiquesLe De Givenchy for women, Les Parfums MythiquesL’Interdit for women, Les Parfums MythiquesInsence for men, Les Parfums MythiquesGivenchy III for women, Les Parfums MythiquesExtravagance d’Amarige for women and Les Parfums MythiquesEau de Givenchy for women. There are many more fragrances in Givenchy collection. Get any of your cheap Givenchy perfume/ cologne/ Eau de Toilette from stores that offer discount. You can do a little bit of research on Internet and order your discounted Givenchy collection from the sites that offer maximum discount.

Givenchy launched the following fragrances this year; Ange Ou Demon Le Secret for women, Be Givenchy for women, Harvest 2008: Amarige YlangYlang for women, Harvest 2008: Ange ou Demon Jasmin Sambac for women, Harvest 2008: Organza Fleur d’ Oranger for women, Harvest 2008: Very Irresistible Rosa Damascena for women, Jardin d’Interdit Sweet Swing for women, Very Irresistible Fresh Attitude Summer Sorbet for men and Very Irresistible Summer Sorbet for women. You can get your cheap Givenchy perfume at a discounted price from the stores or you can order your favorite Givenchy collection at a discounted and cheap price from the sites that offer discount on these products.

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