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Escada Perfumes and Colognes

Margaretha along with Wolfgang Ley started the company, Escada in 1976. Margaretha is known in the fashion industry as a successful and sensuous model. She has done many ramp shows with Jacques Fath. She later took a plunge in creating a luxury fashion house called Escada. Wolfgang Ley looked after sales and marketing, production and finances of the company while Margaretha was the creative brain behind the company. They designed wardrobes for models, many popular and successful models have been associated with Escada, and the company soon came into limelight because of its exquisite and exclusive fashion wears.

They started their line of designer fragrance in 1990 and since then the Escada perfumes and colognes have created a niche market for their products. The Escada perfumes and colognes are made in association with Steve Demercado, Aromatiques, Dominique Ropion, and Jean-Louis Grauby. Pierre Bourdon, Sophie Labbe, Françoise Caron, Bertrand Duchaufour, Richard Lbanez, Michel Almairac, Francis Kurkdjian, Annick Menardo, and Philippe Romano.

Escada Margaretha Ley for women was in launched 1990. The heart shaped bottle of this perfume gave it a very feminine appearance. Margaretha personally designed this perfume/ fragrance. She has also tried to connect her personality with this fragrance and has dedicated this to her own self. The aroma is sensuous and breathtaking, to put it mildly. It consists of the following notes, Ylang-ylang, jasmine, orris, balsam, coconut, and hyacinth, vanilla, orange, peach and sandalwood. It captured the imagination of the luxury designer perfume segment almost instantaneously.

In 1993 Escada launched another designer perfume for women called Chiffon Sorbet. The dominant notes in this perfume are raspberry and black currant. The intoxicating fruity scent has enticed many a women to wear this perfume. The same year Escada launched an Eau De Toilette named Escada Pour Homme for men. It became very popular because of its soft and sweet fragrance that makes you feel romantic and is generally used by men in formal parties. The fragrance has maturity and masculinity attached to its aroma. The base note comprises of Tonka bean, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. The middle note has bay leaves, juniper, cardamom, geranium, cinnamon and caraway. The top note comprises of cognac, orange, lavender, lemon, and bergamot. The combination is truly exotic and can make your dream women fall for its fragrance almost instantly. Escada cologne for men is rare cologne that created a stir in the market immediately after its launch (1993). The middle note comprises of orris, musk, and sandalwood. The base note consists of cedar and lavender and the top note includes peach, orange and coconut. You can get your designer perfume/ cologne at a very discounted rate and cheap price if you do a little bit of research on the net or look for the store that is offering you the same discounts.

Escada for women was launched in 1995. Its fruity-floral combination gives the perfume a nostalgic aroma. Aromatiques designed Escada. It got great reviews as soon as it was launched. The base notes are musk, cedar, vanilla, sandalwood and oak moss. The middle note comprises of jasmine, iris, Ylang-ylang, carnation, frangipani, rose and narcissus. The top notes include mandarin, coconut, peach, orange, asafetida, bergamot and hyacinth. Fragrance of this perfume is very refreshing, cool and energizing. In 1995 Escada launched a new perfume for women called Acte 2 designed by llias Ermenidis. The fragrance has a rare and unique combination of flowers and fruits that make this perfume fresh and make you look and feel more stylish and sophisticated. Base notes are of vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood and cedar. The middle note comprises of freesia, rose, orris, jasmine and mimosa. The top note includes orange, bergamot, and tangerine along with green notes. Theirry Lecoule designed the exquisite and elegant bottle of Acte 2.

Escada collection for women was launched in 1997. Françoise Caron designed this perfume. The notes comprises of caramel and plum, rose, orange, jasmine and lotus and musk, Tonka, sandalwood and cedar (top, middle and base notes respectively). The bottle is stylishly designed and the fragrance is seductive and breathtaking. It’s stimulating and intoxicating scent makes you an addict of this perfume. Escada en fleurs for women was also launched in the same year. This perfume has notes of freesia, rose, orris and cyclamen comprising the middle notes. The base note consists of vanilla, sandalwood, cedar and cinnamon. The top note includes bergamot, orange and aldehydes along with green notes. Its floral-fruity scent is very enticing and gives the woman the confidence and elegance that allows them to grab everybody’s attention almost at will.

Escada loving bouquet for women was launched in 1999. Annick Menardo designed this perfume. The middle note comprises of rose, lily, tea, orris, jasmine, violet and iris. The base notes are of amber, wood cedar and musk and the top note includes peach, lemon, bergamot, violet leaves and orange. This perfume has a fresh and sensuous fragrance. Escada casual Friday cologne was launched in the same year (1999). The note consists of patchouli, lemon, vanilla, clove licorice and spicy wood. The aroma makes you feel more masculine and manly. As the name suggests this luxury brand is for casual wear.  You can buy this luxury designer perfume at a much discounted price by surfing the net or selecting the correct store that will offer you a heavy discount on these products. You can get the same product at a much cheaper rate as compared to the stores in and around your locality.

Escada sentiment was launched in 2000 and was deigned by Nathalie GraciaCetto. The bottle is pink in color and the plug/ stopper is heart shaped. The fragrance of this perfume is very seductive and sensuous. The woman loves the scent and the men are unable to resist themselves. The middle note comprises of rose, peach and hyacinth. The base note includes vanilla, ambergris, rose wood, heliotrope and sandalwood. The top notes are of orange, mandarin, iris, magnolia, red berries and black currant. The floral- fruity combination makes the fragrance romantic and novel. In 2002 Escada sentiment pour homme for men was launched. Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere were the designers for this luxury perfume. Middle notes consist of pimento, nutmeg and pepper. The base note is a combination of vetiver, cedar and sandalwood and the top note consists of juniper and lime. This is a very sexy and masculine Eau De Toilette and makes a very strong statement if you are wearing it.

In 2004 Escada launched Island Kiss for women. Philippe Romano designed this perfume. Motivation and inspiration for the fragrance comes from the Greek islands. It is a combination of flowers and fruits mixed in a perfect manner to give it the sensuous and seductive aroma. This luxury designer perfume took the market by storm. It became an instant hit and women still love to wear the fragrance of this perfume. The middle note consists of hibiscus, peach and other fragile and delicate flowers. The base comprises of sandalwood, musk and woody notes. The top note includes mango, orange, magnolia and raspberry along with specifically selected fruits and flowers. The bottle of this perfume is elegant and beautiful. This is the twelfth summer collection from Escada. Women describe this perfume as fruity and sweet and would still love to wear the same, provided they get a chance.

The latest (2009) from Escada line of collection is Desire Me for women. In 2008 Escada Incredible Me was launched and it became an instant rage. Both these luxury designer perfumes are targeted at young women who want to remain in limelight. They feel more confident after wearing this perfume and are also aware that men will inevitably take note of them. This perfume can be seductive. It has a killer combination of fruits and flowers. Middle note consists of green leaf and peony along with green flower notes. The base comprises of coffee, cookies, tiramisu, cheese and dark chocolate. The top note includes mandarin and citrus fruits that are sweet and sour. The bottle of this perfume is spectacular and awesome. Similarly the fragrance is expected to deliver the same result as it did in case of its predecessor. The aroma is sensuous and sexy.

You can buy any of the above-mentioned perfume, cologne or Eau De Toilette from stores that offer discounts. You will get the same brand and same product at a cheaper rate because they deal in bulk. You can also surf the net and select the site that is offering maximum discount on these products/ brands. Wear the scent you want at a discounted price and cheaper rate and enjoy the fragrance.

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