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Dunhill Cologne

Alfred Dunhill was a legendary businessperson based in Britain. Dunhill’s father was also a businessperson who ran saddlery business.

Alfred Dunhill inherited his father’s business. Being foresighted, Dunhill quickly responded to the increasing demands of automobile accessories and developed a range of car accessories such as leather overcoats, timepieces, car horn, lamps etc. This company is now held by Richemont. In the year 1962, Dunhill produced a cigarette lighter made from gunmetal for Sean Connery for his role as James Bond. After that, Dunhill had the honor of providing several accessories for the character of James Bond.

Dunhill forayed in to the fragrance business and introduced several colognes, deodorants, after shave and perfume for women.

Dunhill Desire for Men was launched in the year 2000. This sensuous perfume is for young men between the age of 25 to 45, who are budding with vigor and are confident about themselves. The top notes of this cologne are very sweet and fruity. The top notes consist of a blend of fruits such as orange blossoms, apple, sweet bergamot and lemon. The middle notes get hearty and warm with a blend of fresh rose flowers, teak wood and patchouli. The base notes are made of musk, vanilla and labdanum.

When you apply the cologne, the blending of sweet and citrus will fill you with the freshness, as one would feel when basking in the tender sunrays of a bright morning. The heart notes of rose and patcholi will remind you of your childhood days when innocence dominated and the fragrance of teakwood will leave you with a boy who is about to grow into a man. At the cologne matures and reaches the base, the masculine fragrance of musk, vanilla and labdanum will not go unnoticed, wherever you go. It will give the impression of raw power that you truly possess. If you want to impress the woman you love, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Your lover will surely be captivated with the lingering effect that this cologne would have on her. The attractive ruby red bottle of Dunhill Desire cologne is as attention seeking as the cologne itself. The fragrance of Dunhill Desire is available at a discounted rate.

Two years later, in the year 2002, Dunhill introduced Dunhill Desire Blue cologne. Similar to Desire Red, this bottle too opens with a fruity note. The top notes contain lotus, mandarin orange, and bergamot. Although the top note is fruity, the notes are not too sweet. Instead, these fruity notes instigate the feeling of renewed energy. The heart note is a blend of sea notes, orange and brazilian rosewood. While the citrus fruit fragrance makes you feel fresh, the slightly sweet fragrance of brazilian rosewood would over power your nostrils and makes you feel confident as you begin your day. The base notes are subtly masculine, so that you can wear this cologne to your work place. The notes of amber, tonka bean, benzoin and musk will grab the attention the moment you enter your office, without being very strong. This subtle fragrance definitely is attention seeking in the very least, yet it has a long lasting effect. So, if you are a man, wanting to make a mark at your work place, or if you want to smell fresh for your lover even after a tiring day at work, use Dunhill Desire, for creating a lasting impression of your true personality, subtle yet strong and confident. If you are a woman, who loves the fresh smell on your man, whether morning or night, gift your man this cologne, to show that you care. Dunhill Desire blue is available at discounted price.

Just after a year of introducing Desire Blue, Dunhill Man Cologne was launched in 2003. This cologne is targeted at mature men in the age group of 25 to 45 years. A pure masculine cologne with top notes of geranium and lemon. The cologne gives you freshness without being sweet, like the fresh morning dew. The heart notes have subtle masculine flavor with cedarwood and orris, which will remind you unmistakably of a young boy eager to experiment. The strong base notes of tonka beans, sandalwood, musk and moss need no words to describe the fragrance. Just apply the cologne before an hour, for the base notes to strike and the warm tantalizing effect this cologne has on others will surely amaze you.

Dunhill Pursuit is for man who wants to live life king size. The fragrance has top notes of green leaves, tropical pineapple fruit. The cedar and orange leaves at the middle notes settle in and give you a twist of notes with incense, musk, sandalwood, and amber. Women cannot ignore the strong base notes. You can win your woman’s heart hand down, with Dunhill Pursuit. Added bonanza is that, this cologne is available at a very cheap price.

Dunhill Xcentric was introduced for men who believe in exuding subtle charm. Try the cheap tester to experience the soothing effect of this cologne. Dunhill Pure Cologne is for those who do not prefer neither too strong nor too subtle fragrances. The perfect blend of slightly sweet and tangy fragrance will linger behind.

In the year 2005, Alfred Dunhill introduced Dunhill Fresh Cologne. Unlike Desire, Dunhill Fresh does not start on a fruity note. The top notes are quite strong and comprise of freesia, basil and green notes. When you apply this cologne, you will want for more. Once the top notes set in and you aspire for more, you are filled with the fresh fragrance of orris and violates, as though you are taking a walk in the fields with flowerbeds of orris and violets. The base notes set in with a strong fragrance of amber, leather, coumarin, cedarwood and patchouli. The strong base notes make the fragrance unforgettable. If you are a woman and love strong intimidating fragrance, gift your man Dunhill Fresh Cologne. This fresh cologne will always bring forth the memories of the lovely time you spend together. Dunhill Fresh Cologne can be purchased at a very cheap rate. For added effect, gift your man Fresh After Shave too, so that he smells fresh always.

Exude your true charm and personality with Dunhill Cologne. Be a man that your woman aspire you to be.

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