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Zino Davidoff was born in Ukraine on March 11, 1906. In the initial years of youth, he worked with his father in their tobacco shop. Very soon, with his business acumen and foresight, the once small shop transformed in to a successful business empire. Davidoff was multi talented. Apart from his famous marketing campaign of the Cuban cigars under the brand name Hoyo de Monterrey Châteaux Series, Zino also tried his hand on writing books regarding Cuban cigars as well as on cigar smoking. In addition to this, there are numerous items sold under the umbrella of Davidoff brand, such as watches, pens, colognes and perfumes, neckties, coffee, briefcases, pipes and cognac. Zino passed away in 1994. He assumed the post of the brand ambassador of Davidoff brand, although he sold off the tobacco business way back in 1970.

In 1984, Davidoff launched Davidoff for men cologne. The top notes of this cologne are very aromatic with Lemon, Basil, Lime, and Artemisia. While lime and lemon will refresh you with its citrus tinge, basil and Artemisia will provide you a soothing aromatic fragrance. The heart notes are warm and made of Carnation, Rose, Thyme, and Orris. While you bask in the warmth of fresh rose and orris and de-stress yourself with its aromatic therapy of thyme, you get splashed in a pool of Patchouli, Moss, Leather and castoreum. The warmth and sensual fragrance of the base notes will fill your hearts and mind. This sensuous cologne is a perfect gift for your man. You can get this cologne at a discounted price.

Davidoff launched yet another cologne in 1988, named Cool Water. This cologne received warm welcomed and was an instant hit with men and women. Men loved this fragrance and women loved men that wore this fragrance. This cologne rekindled the interest in the fougere market. The top notes of this cologne contain rosemary, lavender, peppermint, coriander, and orange blossom. These notes will inspire a calm and soothing feeling in you and you will be relieved of the stress and will loosen up, as though you would refresh with the splash of fresh water spring. The heart notes of this cologne contain jasmine, geranium, oak moss, and sandalwood. While jasmine and geranium will refresh you with its soft floral fragrance, oak moss and sandalwood will have a tingling effect on your mind and body. And, while the tingling effect settles down, you will be flooded with the strong base notes of cedar, amber, sandalwood, and musk. The powerful masculine fragrance will captivate your woman. Once you experience the lingering masculine fragrance of Cool Water, it will remain in your memory forever. So, if you are a man, buy Cool Water to gift your woman the unforgettable memories of togetherness, and if you are a woman, win that special place in your man’s heart with this thoughtful gift. Moreover, the cologne is available at a cheap rate. Buy this cologne and stun your woman, or buy this cologne for your man, and steal his heart.

Cool Water Deep cologne was introduced in 2004. The top notes comprise of sweet and sour fruity fragrance of kiwi, cactus sap and mandarin orange. Thus, the top notes keeps a perfect balance, does not get overly sweet. The heart notes bring warmth with Sclary Sage, Elemi, and Cedar Needles. You experience the divine aroma as you had never experienced before. The base notes comprises of White Musk, Rockrose, Gaiac Wood, and Hinoki Wood. The base notes realize the transformation men underwent since Cool Water was introduced in 1988. Instead of raw masculine power that the men preferred way back in the 80s, the modern men prefers subtle fragrance that is in no way less sensual. Cool Water Deep truly reflects the persona of the modern man. Cool Water Deep Summer Fizz as well as Cool Water Deep Sea Scent and Sand were introduced subsequently; following the warm welcome received for the earlier Cool Water and was equally successful. All these colognes are available at a discounted price.

In the same year that Cool Water was launched, another cologne named Zino Davidoff for men was introduced. This super sexy cologne is considered as the best cologne in the entire Davidoff range.

Good Life men edition was launched in 1999. The top notes comprise of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and lavender. The combination of citrus fruits and lavender is blended well to give you a whiff of freshness. The middle notes get hearty with clary sage, rosewood, cyclamen and ozone. The warmth of the middle notes will make you crave for the base notes. The base notes have ingredients such as Tonka, sandal cedar, and musk. The woody fragrance will strike a perfect chord with your woman, in a soft subtle way that your woman will never forget. This fragrance can tell you the literal meaning of love me tender love me more. Good life men is available at a cheap price.

Silver Shadow by Davidoff was introduced in 2005. This cologne is for men par excellence and for men who can handle more. This fragrance has a deadly combination of amber, saffron, and orange. This fragrance is does not in to the category of ordinary fragrances. The top notes comprise of Bitter Orange and Cinnamon Leaves. The heart notes are spiced up with clove, saffron, and woody notes. The atmosphere gets spiced up and mysterious, when the base notes of benzoin and amber strike. Paint a larger than life picture with this fragrance and immerse your self in this spicy fragrance.

Davidoff Echo is a refreshing fragrance that will caress you with splash of cool, yet sensuous appeal. This cologne with bring a wave of freshness wherever you go.

The Cool Water frozen woman perfume is a pure and simple perfume that will leave you a refreshed as though you have bathed in a pool of fresh water. The perfume has strong flowery perfume that will bring back the memories of innocence.

Davidoff brands of colognes and perfumes are available at a cheap price. Buy one as per your taste and make your day.

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