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Inspired by Redbox…

On Saturday evening while on my way out from our local grocery store I stopped at Redbox outside to pick up a movie. As I was browsing I noticed a few movies with “Back Again” heading on top of them. These were old movies most likely back by popular demand for a […]

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5 Ways to Spoil Yourself!

As you might have noticed by my last 2 emails, my theme for this month is “Spoil Yourself”. You also might be wondering: why I would tell you do do that? The reason is the more you take care of yourself, the more you feel better and the better you […]

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When my hubby pushed me into a hole…

Last Saturday my husband pushed me into a hole. It was very deep, very dark and I was very scared! Not only did I scream all the way down, but I even stopped breathing for a moment. The good news is, I survived. (Obviously, as I am clearly able to […]

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4 Insider Secrets to a Better Life for You

As a thank you for being our client, I want to share a free tele seminar with you that you can either listen from your telephone for the price of a call or through your computer. As mentioned earlier, I will be interviewing Dr. Rick Schaefer tomorrow morning at 10am […]

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Naomi Campbell’s Stinky Perfume Drama

Firey supermodel Naomi Campbell is finding herself facing heat from lawyers these days stemming from a perfume deal gone wrong. Campbell’s legal woes stem from a 1998 contract she signed with company Moodform Mission which resulted in Campbell branded scents such as Seductive Elixir and Cat Deluxe.

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