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Britney Spears Designer Perfumes

Britney Spears is one of the biggest names in entertainment business. At just 27, she has become a living legend. In addition to her singing and dancing talents, she is also known for sporting outrageous outfits and performances. Her sexy image has earned her both, popularity and criticism.

In 1999, she released her first music album, Baby One More Time, and she was instantly coined as a pop icon.

Most of her albums have been at the top of music charts. Last year, she released her comeback album, Circus, which again featured at the top of the charts.

Her personal life has been a roller coaster ride. Her first marriage to childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander in the year could last only for 55 hours. Her second marriage to Kevin Federline lasted for about three years. She has two kids from the second marriage, whose custody is with the Kevin Federline.

Overall, her music career is once again scaling new heights.

Britney will always remain an icon for the teenagers and the youth. In 2004, she started her own line of designer perfumes. Her first perfume was named ‘Curious’. This fragrance resembles youthfulness, dare all, bare all carefree attitude that Britney always conveyed to the rest of the world. Curious perfume personifies the Britney image to the world. The perfume is a naughty combination of fruits and flowers, just very like Britney. The deliciously sweet flavor of pear is combined with the freshness and innocence of tuberose, lotus, jasmine and magnolia. The floral fragrance will hit you like a splash of cool fresh water in hot summer months, and just when you imagine, this is all about innocence, you get the seductive fragrance of musk, vanilla and precious wood that makes you wanting for more. This youthful fragrance is for teenagers and all those who are young at heart.

Now, you too can share the mischievous attitude of Britney. Curious perfume is available for a discounted price, so, you smell like Britney, and get the best selling perfume of 2004 and the Best Woman’s perfume for 2005 for a fairly cheap price.

If Curious perfume had a blend of innocence and youth, Fantasy will take you to another level. Fantasy was introduced in 2005.

Everything about Fantasy is sensuous and sexy, right from the design of the bottle to the perfume. Swarovski crystals embedded in the bottle will steal your heart before you open the bottle. Fantasy perfume remains true to its name. The fragrance of white chocolate will remind you of childhood fantasies, while the sugary fragrance of litchi, kiwi and golden quince will carry your imagination of childhood fantasies to a more mature level, finally the subtle floral fragrance will tinkle your feelings, while the base fragrance of woods, musk and orris root will make you smell seductively sweet. Fantasy reveals the wilder side of Britney Spears. If you can’t dare to be as wild as her, you can use Fantasy and feel what it is to be like Britney. With this perfume, you will never have to tell your man- look no further, he will be down on bended knees with the fragrance of seductive Fantasy perfume. You will have a long lasting effect on your lover as Fantasy perfume is designed to last much longer. Fantasy perfumed is just right for any occasion, whether you are having an amorous meeting with your man, attending a social occasion or just going to office, the sweetness of the fruity and floral fragrance will keep you fresh all day through. The perfume can be used during the day as well as night. This perfume is perfect for a teenager on threshold of womanhood. So, let your fantasies soar with Fantasy perfume.

The good news is living the wild life of Britney has become easy since it is available for a discounted price.

Taking a leap, Britney Spears launched Midnight Fantasy in 2006. If Fantasy was warm and appealing, Midnight Fantasy is even more sensuous and very-very Britney. As Britney advanced from a rebellious teenager to attain womanhood and then motherhood, Midnight Fantasy too is a matured fragrance over Curious and Fantasy.

Midnight Fantasy perfume starts on a fruity note of plum, framboise and black cherry, the heart notes are of night orchid, iris and freesia. The base notes are musk, amber and vanilla.

The fragrance will remind you of a garden full of fresh fruits for a nanosecond and will make you experience the cool fresh breeze passing through freesia, iris and night orchid and when just as you relax under the tender breeze of the fragrance, you are filled with the warmth of musk and amber, with a tip of vanilla. This is very much like controversial Britney, cool at first, and warm when you know her closely.

Hidden Fantasy perfume is latest addition in the line of Britney Spears perfume. This perfume will arouse the hidden fantasies with its fruity fragrance and floral notes, not to forget the seductive base notes. Experience the flowery essence of jasmine, lily and a host of other flowers at the top, the freshness of citrus fruits – tangerine, sweet orange and grape fruit blossom at the heart and the base is blended in earthly essence of jacaranda wood, amber and soothing sandalwood. Added to it is the naughty flavor of vanilla cake and sweet Napolitano cake, to give the fragrance a welcome twist. This fragrance will make you smell mysterious and make your lover crave for more. Hidden Fantasy perfume is available at surprisingly cheap price, so if you are a man, you can gift it to your girlfriend, and if you are a woman, you can surprise your man with the captivating fragrance of Hidden Fantasy. All this is available at discounted price.

Get the Britney Spears experience by choosing her line of perfume and feel the experience of smelling like her. Whichever perfume you choose in the range of Britney Spears perfume, you and your lover will always bathe in the splash of the lingering effect of the perfumes, that truly reveal Britney Spears persona.

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