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Inspired by Redbox…

On Saturday¬†evening while on my way out from our local grocery store I stopped at Redbox¬†outside to pick up a movie. As I was browsing I noticed a few movies with “Back Again” heading on top of them. These were old movies most likely back by popular demand for a […]

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The day I couldn’t afford a $3 trip to Starbucks

When I lived with my parents, I handled 3 jobs at a time. Working between Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut and Zales I put in at least 14 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week. This allowed me to help my parents with their bills and educate my younger brother […]

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5 Ways to Spoil Yourself!

As you might have noticed by my last 2 emails, my theme for this month is “Spoil Yourself”. You also might be wondering: why I would tell you do do that? The reason is the more you take care of yourself, the more you feel better and the better you […]

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How to protect your perfumes in summer?

Summer is here in many parts of the country; which means sunshine, hot temperatures and humidity. These can destroy your perfumes if you do not use precaution. I know how much you love your fragrances and I want to make sure you get the full value of your purchases and […]

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When my hubby pushed me into a hole…

Last Saturday my husband pushed me into a hole. It was very deep, very dark and I was very scared! Not only did I scream all the way down, but I even stopped breathing for a moment. The good news is, I survived. (Obviously, as I am clearly able to […]

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Social Media; The worlds Largest Free Advertisement Agency

If you have your own business or you are in advertising in the company that you work for, the likelihood that you already have a profile on a social media network is considerably favorable. If this is so, then you also know how many articles there are floating around the […]

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How To Crave The Foods That Shed Pounds?

Have you ever felt like your brain seemed wired to crave the most unhealthy foods possible? Did you ever think that it could be much easier to diet if you could only get your cravings under control? Scientists have found methods that allow you to train your brain into wanting […]

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Kim Kardashian Perfume – Can You Afford to be Without It?

I’m sure that it hasn’t escaped your attention that the Kardashian sisters are some of the hottest properties on the celebrity scene at the moment; so it really only makes sense that a Kim Kardashian perfume is going to be nothing short of hot, too, doesn’t it? With Miss Kardashian’s

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Paris Hilton Fragrances

Isn't it interesting how a bit of controversy does some products no harm at all, and, the Paris Hilton Fragrances seem to be one of those products that may in fact sell better for it? I'm sure that you've heard of Paris Hilton, after all, who hasn't? If you haven't [...]

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Celebrity Fragrances – A Rose by Any Other Name

It seems that over the last few years many of the most glamorous celebrities have been releasing their own brand of celebrity fragrances. So, in a market that’s already stocked with some of the most luxuriously priced, and exquisite smelling fragrances on the planet, why is it that we still

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