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The Importance of Getting Life Insurance When You Are Young

As a 20- or 30-something-year-old adult, the last thing that might be on your mind is life insurance. However, the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has shown us that life is totally unpredictable. Young, healthy people are being affected by this illness – and sadly, some are passing away. When it

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How Does Term Life Insurance Work And Is It Right For Me?

When it comes to life insurance, things can get confusing. There are so many different options out there that it can be hard to know which one to choose. Do your own research, but also take the time to consult a financial professional about life insurance. Ami Ahuja knows all […]

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Interested in Life Insurance? Now is the Time!

Many people debate whether they want to purchase life insurance. For someone who is young and healthy, it may seem unnecessary or daunting to think about getting sick and passing away. In these uncertain times, though, it is always better to be prepared and not have to worry should there [...]

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TOP Seller 5 Years In a Row!

Every once in a while I love to shed extra light on perfumes I feel are exceptional in quality, fragrance and cost LIGHT BLUE by Dolce Gabanna is one of them. Year after year, this perfume continues to be an all around, top selling favorite among my clients at […]

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Get Happy!

What is Happiness? It is that sunshine feeling we get when we are filled with joy.  We all strive to have it be a large part of our lives. Where does it come from? Many of people look for Happiness in material things, relationships, jobs, etc… and then as soon […]

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Using LOA (Law of Attraction) to Gain More LOVE

Wouldn’t you like to have MORE love in your life? One of the keys to using LOA to attract love is to get into the feeling of it.  The more positive you are about it and the more you believe in it, the more it will be attracted into your […]

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How to Attract LOVE into Your Life

Love is something everyone is searching for.  It is everywhere: In the movies, on TV, in books, in music… literally everywhere.  People are always talking about it, singing about it, writing about it. Love is considered to be the most powerful emotion and for good reason…..…Because, everyone

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What is the Law of Attraction (LOA)?

Plain and simple, the Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, talk about, believe in and think about in your life, you will bring about.  It is a universal law.  Much like the Law of Gravity, there is no stopping it.  With the Law of Gravity, if you […]

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