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How to Attract LOVE into Your Life

Love is something everyone is searching for.  It is everywhere: In the movies, on TV, in books, in music… literally everywhere.  People are always talking about it, singing about it, writing about it. Love is considered to be the most powerful emotion and for good reason…..…Because, everyone WANTS it. It feels good to give it, it feels to receive it and most importantly, it feels good to FEEL it. It is truly a magical thing.

However, there are some people that struggle with it, are afraid of it or don’t feel they deserve it.


Because some believe it is unattainable, mysterious or bad in some way.  Maybe they have been hurt in the past, haven’t found that special person to share it with yet, or didn’t receive it the way they feel they deserved when they were younger. Whatever that REASON is, stops them from attracting it NOW.

When you are focused on a reason, you are focused on an outside circumstance, event or person to determine your beliefs and desires about love.  All love attraction starts from within and with your OWN beliefs and desires.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post, “What is the Law of Attraction (LOA)”?

“Love is universal. ANYONE can have it and EVERYONE deserves it.”          

Here are 2 simple affirmations that will help remind you of that: 

1)      I am loved.

2)      I am open to experiencing love in my life.

I recommend you choose the one that feels best to you and say it out loud daily. (Or maybe even use both.) As you say them, allow yourself to feel it and believe it. Find every opportunity to exercise feelings of love. Another great method is to create daily affirmations about finding your true love. Something as simple as,” I fall in love with the perfect person for me and the love is mutual.” I guarantee that if you do this regularly, you will eventually feel more loved that ever before AND you will attract it as well.

So allow me to get you started: I am sending love your way… NOW!

I hope you will accept.

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