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Ami came to US with almost no money and to survive she worked 3 jobs a day.

From a sales person she went to become manager at Pizza Hut and Branch manager at TCF bank. Then she met her husband and went on to having 5 in line mall stores in all the major malls of Wisconsin, a 5000 sq ft distribution center and together they did 13 Trade Shows a year for 9 years.

5 years ago it all disappeared as the sales went down and she was left in debt with suppliers of money in 6 figures.

Ami and her husband, Sonny did not give up, instead found ways to direct their own destiny.

Completely illiterate about computers, Ami helped her husband design and launch their ecommerce website www.GrandPerfumes.com. She then helped the business grow by marketing it on Social Media and through networking events.

Today, she also helps her husband in running his Social Media Business (www.SocialMediaLeap.com)

In February Ami helped with the creating & launching www.KiLLiTOnLine.com. Together, she and her husband have become the first couple in the world to have a social media/internet marketing related membership site that keeps its members up dated on Social Media and Internet Marketing for less than one dollar a day!
Her motive is to help as many people as we can…

During last 5 years Ami has experienced what most people don’t in a life time. She dealt with WI Dept Revenue, IRS, Suppliers, Credit Card Companies and way more as her suffered major setbacks.

On the positive side she’s had 2 adorable kids in past 5 years, ran for Mrs WI and received 3 out of 5 awards and learnt a whole lot more!
Today she’s paid off her suppliers, has a business that can NEVER make a loss (her expenses are less than $1000/month), works from home on her schedule and spends time with kids when she wants to.

It certainly wasn’t easy but Ami is proud that in last 5 years while her business was struggling she never missed a payment and still commands a 100% spot free credit with no late payment EVER.

Ami says she gets her inspiration of never giving up from her mother who is a breast cancer survivor.

In October of 2010 after watching her mother successfully fight cancer for over 10 years and realizing that having the support of her family and friends was what empowered her in her battle, Ami started a woman’s group called A Woman’s Journey in an effort to help all women no matter what they are going through to achieve their goals!

Today the group, www.TheBeautifulWomen.org is growing at a rapid rate with over 225 active members. Ami organizes monthly events for her members with a different topic each time. The group is completely free to join and so are the events. There is never a charge whatsoever.

From a small local community Ami is working on taking A Woman’s Journey to a national and an international level within next two years.

Her huge following on social media (over 53,000 Twitter followers, 4800 Facebook friends and 1800 Facebook fans) stand behind her vision of her empowering women to achieve their goals!