March 2010 - Ami Ahuja

The clinics of the stars

They are used by the biggest Hollywood celebrities and there the cares are like no other. Here the health treatment is special and every client has his own therapy. Why do starts often choose a high-standard clinic is not even a question anymore. Health costs more than gold. In these [...]

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The favorite perfumes of Kings and Queens

The perfume choice usually talks much more than any gem or jewel collection. Perfumes are not only passion. They are expression of your personal views and style. We collected the most favorite perfumes of the royalties all over the world. Their choices of perfumes spoke to us more than any [...]

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Perfume: What Scent is Right for You?

Choosing the right perfume is one of the most personal choices you are ever likely to make, apart from choosing who you get married to. It needs to reflect your great personality, tie in to your lifestyle, and suit the chemistry of your body. You also need to pick the […]

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Healthy Food, Healthy Life

A healthy balanced diet is easier said than achieved. Today’s world encourages fast food, packaged food and unhealthy food that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. A healthy diet plan is one that comprises natural, fresh and rich foods taken daily. A balanced diet however is one that consists of various

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Right Eating, Right Exercise: A Healthy Way of Life

Today’s society is a very hurried one. You have business plans, children’s plans, vacation plans, and even relaxation plans. Amidst all this, fast food is a great way to save time. Yet, it neither saves your health or your money. Obesity is rapidly affecting more and more people all over [...]

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Healthy Food: What Should You Eat?

Human society is in the midst of health conscious craze. Information and awareness programs about eating healthy and staying healthy are everywhere. Eating healthy foods and maintaining a balanced diet is the best way to improve your health. However the sound of healthy food bores most people which

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The High Risk in Diet Foods

You might want to think again before you take a sip from that can of Diet Coke. You might want to reconsider any form of low calorie, or diet alternative, to your favourite types of food. Recent studies show that you can’t pull the wool over the eyes of your […]

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Exercise! It really works!

Breaking news! Well, not quite. You already know that exercise is good for you. So why don’t you go out there and do it? It can prevent heart disease, help you shed those extra pounds, and even make you happier and more optimistic. These are basic facts, that everyone is […]

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